Husky Rescue NZ Charitable Trust

Rescue, Desex, Rehabilitate, Retrain and Rehome of Siberian Huskies in NZ

New Christchurch Premises needed urgently. 

Can you give us a helping Paw?


We currently lease a privately owned 10 acre lifestyle block and we cant expand due to neighbours proximity.

We CANT expand at our current Christchurch premises. We cant open to the public to show them dogs to adopt due to the risk factor to us and the safety to the public with the current open plan set up. We cant take on any more volunteers due to the same reasons. We cant accept the offer of tours coming to visit which would raise funds. We cant open to educate the public and schools etc.


Either Rent / or someone to help us own / donations to buy / donations of land

A) A commercial kennels - either to buy or ideally build. It is approx 1.1mil  to 2.5 mil to buy kennels in Canterbury (only a couple that can hold over 40 dogs) or approx. 1m to 2m to build exactly what we need and hold 40+ dogs. Ideally in the Selwyn area still and between State Highway 1 and State Highway 73

B) A rural property of a minimum of 10 acres with no close neighbours. Ideally in the Selwyn area still and between State Highway 1 and State Highway 73.It can be land only or land and a house as we bring all of or own set up. Must be allowed to add fences and temporary buildings.

C) An Industrial warehouse WITH an outdoor yard, but it MUST have an ability for a minimum of 1 person to live on site as required with this many dogs.

Can you help? Send us a contact message.