Husky Rescue NZ Charitable Trust

Rescue, Desex, Rehabilitate, Retrain and Rehome of Siberian Huskies in NZ


We need your help.

Quite simply - we can no longer do this without your help.   

Husky Rescue NZ was started by Michelle with funding from her own back pocket and foster homes helping cover the costs. This meant huge personal sacrifice on the behalf of Michelle and the foster homes involved.   

For Michelle this included working a full time job and coming home to a second full time unpaid job (Husky rescue NZ); plus  hoping partners support your passion and not being able to take holidays for more than six years.  

Indeed, Michelle has even put the dogs ahead of her own personal desire to have children. Some people will know that Michelle unfortunately cannot have children without IVF help, and although this was tried in the past (with ultimately no success) further treatment is upwards of $14,000 NZ.  

When asked about why she put the dogs’ needs ahead of her own at this time Michelle explained: "The dogs are here now, they need help now. As I have discovered from my past IVF treatments, there is no guarantee of a baby, it can all go terribly wrong and all of a sudden the funds are gone with no successful result. But these dogs are here now and the money that we invest in them is guaranteed to make a difference to the quality of their lives. We might not be able to change the world or even New Zealand’s lax stance on animal care and backyard breeding, but we can change the lives of the dogs we help by providing care, vet treatment and, ultimately, securing safe and appropriate  life-long homes.   

After six years and a wonderful amount of support from Convergence Communications & Marketing, Husky Rescue NZ gained food sponsorship from Royal Canin. They currently supply upwards of four tons of dog food a year. The difference this made meant more dogs were able to be saved, and it freed up Michelle financially to be able take on the Antarctic Centre Contract, which ties in beautifully with the wonderful history of Huskies on Antarctica; and also acts as a publicity venture for the rescue service, and a public education tool about responsible husky ownership.   

Charity Status - 

DIA Registration - CC54840.

GST Registration - 124-178-398

Husky Rescue NZ didn’t apply for charity status until several years after it started. We never thought there would be so many to rehome. That was before the boom of Facebook Marketing which allowed backyard breeders yet another medium. It was also before the impact of more Twilight movies and of course, the Game of Thrones series, both of which popularised wolf-like dogs, just as the Lassie series and the 101 Dalmatians movies did for collies and Dalmatians in their day.   

When charity status was finally applied for, the process was quite different and, due to not having a lawyer on board at the time, the application was rejected, effectively because the wording was not correct “legal language”.  Luckily, in 2016, Convergence yet again came through and secured Tavendale & Partners to work on a charity status for Husky Rescue NZ. A Board of Trustees was formed and the application was submitted.

Charity status was gained in October 2017 and backdated to September 2016 at the formation of the trust.

So how can you help?

Every dollar counts. If everyone gave only $1 a week it would make a huge difference, $1 day even more. We welcome business donations, sponsorships of things we need to help do the job we do, and so on. Everything helps.   

Financial Contributions

Direct Deposit:   

Husky Rescue NZ  


Please email us if you need a GST receipt.


Corporate Sponsorship contracts

Convergence will negotiate and draft a mutually beneficial sponsorship contract between your business and Husky Rescue NZ. This has a tax kickback for your business.

Needed: Can you help with these by donating money toward them, or donating the item itself or discounting a needed service?

Message us through our contact page if you can help.   

Fencing supplies, Kennel dividers (boarding kennel style), landscaping and maintenance,  kennel supplies, bowls etc, grooming table, blower, roofing, builder.